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Low-priced ads for auto repairs and services are almost always too good to be true.  There is little or no profit in the particular service at the advertised price.  The goal of these ads is to get more people into their shops so additional repairs or services can be performed, often at inflated prices to make up for the lost profit on the original job.  Additional work may even be unnecessary and you will usually end up paying more than you would have at a reputable shop.  Some shops may not even perform the additional service or replace the parts but still charge the customer for them.

Typically, low-price ads are run by the kinds of shops that use quotas, commissions or contests to get more sales revenue out of their employees.  The more they advertise cheap repairs or free inspections, the greater the change they will try to sell something that is not really needed.  These scams are actually quite common, and many people have fallen for them because they never suspected that a “big-name” company would be using such deceptive practices. 

The customer with an older vehicle in poor condition will probably be taken advantage of the most.  Many look for a simple “tune-up” that will solve all of the car’s major problems.  Often on a strict budget, they will search for the cheapest price available and will bounce from shop to shop.  In the long run, they will probably end up paying a higher price in addition to paying for unnecessary service and repairs.

Last modified:11/08/2012